Two Chicks & A BrushTwo Chicks & A Brush Two Chicks & A Brush

Pricing of Portraits and Furniture

Portraits including family members/friends, pets, or residences can be painted on your choice of medium (e.g. rocks, canvases, walls, cars, mailboxes, furniture). We request that you provide a clear color picture no smaller than 3x5 of the subject to be painted. We will then discuss with you the color scheme and background, if applicable, and selection of the medium. A price can then be discussed as well as delivery options of your masterpiece.

We’ve found that these make for unique gifts that will be treasured forever. Some projects that we’ve done include a beautifully painted mailbox with the newlywed’s last name and address, a small table painted as a timetable of someone’s treasured memories, a family pet painted on a rock, or a painting of someone’s new home to display on their wall.

Pricing of Murals

The price of our murals is based upon the amount of detail within the subject matter as well as the square footage to be painted. Therefore we can adjust the detail and/or size to fit within your budget.

The process begins with a consultation at the future site of your mural. The consultation is free within a 20 mile radius of Bucks County. Locations outside of this area may result in a minimal fee to cover travel expenses. During the consultation we’ll discuss with you the layout of the room to best determine which wall(s) could be enhanced by a mural as well as any themes you have in mind. In order to meet your expectations, your thoughts and suggestions are necessary. Pictures and/or color swatches are welcomed.

Over the next week(s) we will prepare sketches and give you an estimate of how long it will take to paint your mural as well as cost. As mentioned above, the sketches will reflect the ideas and budget discussed during the consultation. There is a $50 fee for the sketches upon delivery. If you decide to proceed forward with us, the $50 fee will be applied towards the final cost of your mural. Our commitment is to make you happy, therefore we encourage your feedback on the sketches.

Once you have made a final decision we will prepare a written agreement including payment, start date and estimated completion date. We request 50% of the total upon signing of the agreement. The balance will then be collected upon completion and satisfaction of your mural.