Two Chicks & A BrushTwo Chicks & A Brush Two Chicks & A Brush

About Us

Linda Gordon and Meg Gansz are a mother – daughter team located in Bucks County Pennsylvania. As the saying goes, ‘two heads are better than one’ and this holds true for them. Working together they are able to provide double the creativity to make your mural fit you.

Linda comes from a family of artists where her natural talent was always nourished by her father and two brothers. She continued to develop her skills through high school and into a year of college. She then always found time to put her creativity to use in her home and for friends. She worked for a short time with an interior design firm in Richboro as their muralist. Later she became a pinstriper for several large and privately owned auto body shops. During this time she also found herself lettering boats, trucks, cars and signs.

Meg was passed on her artistic talents through her mother and developed her skills all through high school and into college. During school she worked side by side with her mother pinstriping cars and assisting in other large projects. After college she entered the 9 to 5 work force but always found time to collaborate with her mother on projects and even start a few of her own for friends and family. Now a mother to 3 she’s made the decision to team up with her mother and pursue their dream to paint side by side again.